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J-45s and/or J-35s - where to buy used?


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Howdy, I'm brand new around here as I've been a Martin player for some time. But, due to left shoulder issues I've grown weary of long-scale guitars. So, I'm in the market, as it were, for a J-45 or reissue of a J-35. However, unlike over on the UMGF (ultimate martin guitar forum) there doesn't seem to be a good central online listing of these Gibsons.


Over on UMGF they have a large and active classifieds section. Am I missing it here or can someone direct me to one?






P.S. Have an 02 Martin D-18GE for sale or trade, if anyone's interested.

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Welcome to the forum. You are not missing it here. The UMGF is privately run, whereas this forum is run by Gibson. Don't know the real reason why there's no buy/sell section on this forum, but it only makes sense that they wouldn't want to compete with their new guitar sales. With that said, some owners have posted their Gibson guitars for sale on this forum from time to time and Gibson seems to allow it. They seem to frown on posting other guitar makes for sale on this forum. You just have to watch for the posts.

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