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Hey all,


I have a Don Everly a friend gave me a few years ago that I'm looking to sell, but as it was a gift, I'm not sure how much it sells for. I'm sure its not worth more than about $300, but i'd like to know a more accurate price. I've looked extensively online only to find models that arn't the same as this one.


It is the Epiphone, not the Gibson and the pick guard has been removed.


If anyone could assist me in pricing it, I would greatly appreciate the help



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Well $300.0.. maybe a touch to much they sold for about that or a little more brand new from the store, the blue book list them for about $130-170 in average shape and seeing how you are missing the pick guard you can loose some there so about $100.00 is about what its worth, and as near as I can tell they are an all laminate guitar.Ship

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