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How about the Valve Jr 'Hot Rod'

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Ive heard that the reverb isnt very good, but I'm not really concerned with that at all. Really what I'm wondering is how the overdrive is and whether or not it would be a reasonable thing to do to use the dummy load out to drive a vibrolux, and would it be kind of like the vibrolux having a master volume? Has anybody really messed around with one? i figure it would be a lot cheaper and better in the long run to mod my own plain Jr, but i dont have a clue what I'm doing as far as that goes and a dummy load out sounds pretty sweet to me on paper...



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I guess nobody's bought one!


Fwiw, "the overdrive" in that amp is going to be pretty much the same as it is in the lackluster stock Vjr, I'm afraid. Truth is, if you've got a vintage Vibrolux Reverb, you're far better off, assuming that amp is in proper repair, cranking that up a bit for your overdriven tone.


If it's a Custom Vibrolux, I'm not nearly as impressed with those, but still, it'd far outshine the muddy Vjr in its stock form, imo.


Yes, if you were to run an overdriven amp into a dummy load, what you get is a line level signal of that amp, and you can then run that into the input of another amp and use the "slave amp" for your overall volume. That's what EVH did.

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I played the one I have torn apart but just a little.


one of the neatest things was that you can have it at low volume and the gain pot really adds overdrive.. all you'd want.

the tone is basically the same, though I think a bit better. less muddy lows, but still not mod quality, etc.


I only tried to see if there was any value at all to the reverb and it sucked as an amps reverb, or as a reverb only.

As I recall, otherwise it worked ok as a preamp. but you know. it's been a long time and I think it may have sucked so...

I'm not much help there.


All I can say at this point is that I was pleased at a couple of things. and grossly disappointed at others.

Overall, it's vj in wolfs clothing.. that is, they added things that didn't work, created features that would have been great if

they had only fixed things they already knew were wrong.


a big flop, unless someone can find out how to fix that verb.

and even then.. well. look. there are people who are fine with the vj stock. so I wont argue that.

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