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Help! Casino rewiring problem


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I was going to replace the caps in my 2004 Casino (the best instrument I've owned), and i was working the knobs off the pot shafts (so i could put some vitamin q caps in) and broke one, so i figured while i was in there i'd switch the pots out.


so i grab four cts pots and replace all four pots using the tried and true "copy exactly what the factory did method"...and, of course, i've got a few issues. i haven't seen anything quite like this though.


These are 500k (just like the originals) and i'm pretty sure all four are logarithmic...the volume pots cut out pretty much at 5. the interesting thing is that the tone, when rolled off to about 2.5 and lower, actually cuts the volume out completely....basically, the tone gets warmer and warmer and then the volume drops out around there. another interesting thing is that when both PUPs are selected, killing the volume on one pot will lower both PUPs from about 5 and lower. its almost like both are wired to be master volume on both pickups...which is impossible because they have no connection.


i'm pretty sure i messed up one...when the tone is at 0 and i strum hard the sound comes through very crackled and sporadic. the other one does not send a signal when turned to 0 no matter how hard the strum is. my thinking is i fried one tone pot.


i tested all the parts and all were within 3% of 500k...i matched. also the caps definitely work.


SO...if i directly copied the previous electronics (which functioned normally), then what did I do wrong? did i mess up the wiring (based on the crackle on the one tone pot)? did i mess up when buying the wrong kind of pots? let me know what you think, any help would be much appreciated...

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Hard to say without looking at it but I'd look first for a bad solder joint. They can cause all kinds of problems.

Grounds can be especially problematic. If you don't have a direct path to ground...meaning if there's anywhere for a ground signal to backtrack...it can cause really weird troubles.



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