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Where & when was the 'Zephyr' made


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Hey fellow Epi-heads,


Steven Lister's serial decoder is fantastic work, & much appreciated, but what should I make of a 'Zephyr' with R99Mxxxx serial number.


From the list I am thinking 'R' = Peerless Korea, '99' = 1999, but what does the letter 'M' before the four final numbers indicate?


This doesn't quite fit any of the code patterns on the list.





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I picked up a Zephyr Blues Deluxe yesterday


built like a "Sherman Tank" paid US$700 £455




For the price it came with its original Epiphone case with gold latches and red trim




The guitar is in "Excellent" condition just a little wear in the top of the bridge, which shows it has been enjoyed




The guitar is heavy and has a beautiful finish...




The Serial on my guitar is R99M 0XXX


Guitar Info

Your guitar was made at the

Peerless Plant, Korea

December 1999

Production Number: 0XXX


Peerless Korea Co., Ltd.


Peerless Korea Co., Ltd. is a Korean-Japanese joint venture company headquartered in South Korea and has been in the guitar-manufacturing industry since 1970. With the core expertise in guitar manufacturing initiated from Japan, Peerless has provided 2.9 million pieces of guitars in the worldwide market so far. Peerless had once manufactured 30,000 pieces of guitars per month in the past in order to meet the order quantity, however have gradually changed their focus from quantity quality. With this in mind they have cut down their manufacturing capacity to 2,000 pieces per month just to ensure the high quality of our products. Peerless produces guitars via OEM for brands such as Epiphone by Gibson, Alvarez, Hoyer and Gretsch by Fender. Note: While not explicitly stated it is believed that Peerless is part owned by Aria of Japan.


EDIT: Does anyone have any idea how long these were in production and how many were made...????

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