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Humbucker to single coil?


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I have a friend that own a Epiphone Explorer and instead of getting new pickups him and this guy chad cut some wires and made them single coils and i guess it sounds pretty good? Has anybody ever done this?


what do you mean by 'chad out some wires'? That's an unfamiliar term to me.

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Not a single coil' date=' not he;s just running on half a humbucker. Sounds like doo doo or does he like it? [/quote']


ST.......[cool][biggrin] [biggrin] [biggrin] honestly, doo doo........would Jimmy Page, do, doo doo.......[biggrin] [biggrin] [biggrin] [biggrin]



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Yes lol. We all doo doo


I'm just saying half a humbucker does not make a single coil. I personally find that thin anemic tone unpleasing to my ear.



And whats with the name change man? You get booted off or something?


ST PM sent

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