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Glued in Neck for an MIJ Epi?


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I posted this week when my new MIJ EA 250 arrived after a nine month wait. The body and neck are in great condition and when all together it sounds like it should. Just as I was feeling more confident about this guitar I noticed a little creaking noises coming from the neck pocket area and I started to wonder whether I should take this to my luthier, and ask him to use some of his magic resin and make this permanent. As I got to thinking about this someone on a related forum told me that in his experience 90% of these fail in the neck pocket area. Given that this is such a solid and well preserved example I started thinking a bit more seriously about this. Any others here ever try similar solution? Good idea? bad idea?


Photos are here:



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Gluing in a bolt on neck does not equal a set neck. I would leave it be.


Musikron is on the $$$ - do NOT glue the neck!

One of the first things you do when new git arrives is

to sit down with screwdriver(s) and make sure all screws are

tight' date=' just gentle turn to verify all is good.


[b']Sometimes[/b] the factories insert micro-thin wooden shims between

neck and body to "adjust" the neck angle and bring it into

alignment (this COULD be the cause of the creaking you heard),

I've run into this on a late 70s Hondo II, but do not know if it

was done to your guitar. However, do not take the neck off to find out,

just make sure neck screws are tight - removing neck could accidentally

cause any shims (IF there are any) to move...


If you are concerned, go ahead and take to luthier for set-up, tell

him what you've posted, see what he says. This is especially good to

do if you're not yet skilled at doing your own set-up.

Hope this helps...

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When you first posted about this guitar I was wondering if your neck was shimmed, as they often need it. But, it looked like your fixed bridge would probably sit lower than the previous version's wooden floating bridge, meaning a shim may not be needed.


I wouldn't worry about removing the neck as animalfarm suggests though, if a shim moves and you need it in there, just stick it back in. I'd want to know what was happening if I had a moving or creaky neck.

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