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Another FT-145!


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Oops you're right! What's the difference?


Edit: I see it first shows up in the '73 catalog - solid spruce top, mahogany sides and back, three-piece neck, rosewood fretboard, and some multi-ply binding. Seems like not a bad guitar for $150.


Somebody should grab it....

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That's interesting:spruce top. I thought the FT-145 was all laminate. I will have to treat mine with a bit more respect!


However, perhaps that explains how the tone seems to have improved a bit over the years.

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If that FT145 has a 'solid' spruce top, it will be the first one I've ever come across.


I believe the FT140 was a plain Jane FT145, i.e. unbound body. But, I could be wrong.


Most literature proclaim the FT145 as having 'select spruce' top. That is marketing speak for laminate.

It is probably no coincidence that both solid and select begin with a s, with an l in the middle and ending with a tall letter at the end. Coupled with the knowledge of how most public schools taught reading in that era, i.e. the 'Look Say Method', it's easy to see how this mistake is made.

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Local guy has a blue-label FT-140 on CL in case anyone's interested: http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/msg/1712308523.html


I'm taking a pass' date=' too similar to my 6832, but it looks to be in OK shape and all original other than the custom pickguard paint:




No serial number and made in Japan...so what are these "kalamazoo" labelled ones really worth?


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SO the FT-145 is a jumbo??

If I could pick one up for 100€ it would be a good deal??

Brown label

serial no. 464622

Hasn't been played in probably over 15 years.


I'm not sure what the exchage rate is, but that sounds about right for a FT145 in playable condition. I think by the time the brown labels came out they had solved their neck block problem, but take a close look at it.


How much are K'zoo labled, MIJ's worth? Depending on playability, and condition, anywhere from a hundred to 250 for a fancy model with bolt-on heeled neck, like the FT150 and FT570 (Super Jumbo). The 12 stringed, FT160 and 165 maybe a tad more. Add more for a nice case. OEM cases are not that valuable, because they were cheap press board.

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