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New (to me) EJ-200 settled in nicely.....

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Just as some of y'all predicted, the '04 EJ that was losing a full step in pitch across the board, and then raising again, has finally acclimatized to the humidity in my house (as opposed to the desert dryness of the shop my wife bought it from).

Now when I get it out, it never requires more than the "regular" slight adjustment of 1 or 2 strings.......but most often no adjustment at all is needed.

I'm still lovin' the mellow, subdued tone it makes.


I can stand "under fire", be injured, or help others that are injured, and never blink..........but let 1 of my guitars start acting odd, and I fall to pieces.


Thanks for holding me together !

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Hello Bender' date='

Your EJ has a laminate top?

The sound is good to you?[/quote']


Yes...........it's not "bright" like a solid woods guitar, but more mellow........the bass end is quite good, deep and present............the mids and highs are a bit subdued, but the guitar has a very balanced sound overall.


I use it for sad/slow Blues songs, and the slightly "distant" sound is just right.

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That is quite an adjustment for a guitar to make. Glad to hear it is settling in.


And keep in mind that some pickup systems can actually work better with a laminated top.


I've never heard of this. Do elaborate; sounds interesting, this.

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