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Upgrading a Epiphone Les Paul Junior


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Firstly I'm new here so i thought I better introduce myself, I'm Graham I'm 19 and I've only been playing guitar since this January.

my current guitar is an Epiphone Dot which I LOVE [biggrin]

With its new custom made pickguard:



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I had been looking to buy another guitar for the last few weeks and fell in love with the Epiphone Les Paul Junior, for some peculiar reason all the things people seem to hate about it is what made me like it, :-k[biggrin]

I see it as a project guitar where eventually i will replace pretty much everything except the wood. The thing is I havent replaced the electronics in a guitar before and I'm hoping you nice folks may be able to help me in this quest of mine.

I'd like to make it sound pretty unique rather than just throwing a humbucker sized P90 in there. I'm thinking about having a push/pull to split the humbucker but im not sure yet. and Im not sure what pickup to get yet (possibly something from Guitar Fetish)


Right will the wraparound bridge/tailpieces on this page fit the epiphone les paul junior?



Also, are Wilkinson machineheads any good?


What kind pots would you recommend from here?



I apologise for all the questions in one go, It just saves me making another thread in a few weeks when I inevitably get stuck :-)

Any insight at all will be welcomed and appreciated :-)

thanks for reading [biggrin]

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