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Riviera Custom P93...Anyone have one?


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I love the way this guitar looks, but from reviews I have read on MF this seem to be a iffy choice.

TO be honest I have never played a Epi that was bad and I can't believe some of the reviews. Even the cheapest Epi I have, the les paul junior special, sounds like crap but plays better most of my other gutars.


Does anyone have one? I am caught between this , Fenter MIM Tele, or a Danelectro DC 3. But this epi just keeps catching my eye.


let me know guy's, if this could be the one?



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First off...welcome to the "Nut House," Burke. Good folks here, with good information. Enjoy!


As to your question...


I have one! It does everything I need it to, and for $499, was a STEAL! I got ONE of the first ones,

on the forum. The only thing that keeps me from playing it more, is my Epi MIJ '61 SG Standard...

(That guitar, has simply "taken over!" Even from my Gibson's, more often, than not!)

I seem to have trouble putting it down, for any length of time. ;>) But, the P-93 (mine, anyway)

is a Wonderful guitar...even at twice the price, or more. The only real complaint I've heard, is the

tuning keys, but....mine are fine, so far, anyway. If they become a "problem," I'll just slap some

Grover's on there, and be done with it. Is it a Gibson ES-335, etc.?...No! But, it doesn't cost 3-5

Grand, either. I can safely say, it was THE best 500 bucks, I've probably ever spent, new, on a guitar.


Tele's are Great, too...though. So...??? Good luck, with your decision! ;>)


Oh...and take ANY "review" from Musician's Friend, with a large "dose!" Try one out,

see what YOU think, and then...make your own decision.




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welcome burke,


+1 on what cb says. he is the reason i got one. and it is awesome. the pups are great and i love the look. I too have not had any issues with the tuning keys. the only issue i had was over spray and it came of easy with some finish pads i got from stewmac.


i like tele's too, tough choice. i say go for them both [cool]

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Welcome to the forum burke. The P93 is popular here, a lot of us have them and the general concensus is that it's a lot of guitar for the money. Here's a link to a long thread about them that includes even more links: http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=10594&p=4


I still have mine, and have no immediate plans to sell it, and I still play it occaisionally though not nearly as much since I got a Sheraton II and now an Ibanez Artist.


But the guitars you list are drastically different, so it may be a matter of which one best suits your current musical tastes.


Or you could do what some of us do - buy them all!

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Thanks guys.

Current musical tastes some times takes a back seat to "shiny objects". I currently have a thing for semi hollows and arch tops. I have a Zephyr Regent and a Gretch 5120, love em both. Looking to get a thinner body style I saw the Riviera and said wow, nice. Plus I think the Bigsby adds a little bit of nostagic "ness" to it all.

What case works with this guy? I know guitars with Bigsby's some times have issues with case fitment.

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