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Finding date on SG pots

Denver C.

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I have a '63 Gibson SG, (Les Paul logo on truss rod cover). I bought this guitar new in Okla. City, I THINK it was in '63. At the time I didn't take extremely good care of it, and it has several little dings. It has a lot of


The serial Nr is 103573. It has the sideways tremolo. The nut width is about 1.66 inch. Neck is joined at 22nd fret.

My question is: How do you determine the date of the Vol & tone pots?


I also have a Kalamazoo made Epiphone Sheratan. Does the pots date the same??

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The date will be stamped on the back of the pots... Open up the cover on the back of your guitar to expose the pots, it will look like this:




Try to see the numbers on the back of the pots. They could be difficult to read if there is solder or wires obstructing the numbers but between all the pots you should be able to get the full numbers... The years will be contained within those numbers. In the photo you can see a 64 between the wires and the solder. These pots are from a 64 SG Standard.



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If the pots are original CLR 's you'll have 6 numbers on them.

The first three digits ( 137 ) are source or manufacturer code

The fourth and fifth digits will give you the last two digits of the year

The sixth and seventh digit ( 01-52 ) will give you the week of the year.


EX: 1376844 which would make this: 44th week of 1968


Please bare in mind that sometimes Gibson used to carry over pots to the following year.

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Thanks to both of you for your very good help. The numbers on my pots are on the SIDE of the pots, not visible until I pulled the pots out. The y are all 4 identical 500k pots. The first number is 1346241. So I guess that is the 41st week of '62.

Thanks again.

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