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Spot a fake, is this one.


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Can anyone tell me if this 2006 LP Custom is the real thing.


I found it on Ebay Australia (www.ebay.com.au) search for Gibson Les Paul Custom, it is the ebony one for $2495.

Looks real to me but I have been emailed photos of the back of the headstock, the serial number looks slightly smudged (same as a LP Custom on US ebay.com search: 07 Gibson Les Paul Custom in Beautiful Black Finish!!!


I am able to look at it before bidding but it is a 2 hour drive that I don't want to make for a fake.


If someone can help me, I will post the picture of the serial number, not sure how to get it on here?


Thanks for any help.

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This (hopefully) is the link to the one in Australia that I'm looking at





and this the one in the US that has the same kind of smudging on the serial number, is this normal?




Not sure how to post the picture I got emailed on to here?

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the us one is deffinatly real, the au one looks real but when you go to check it out ask the seller if he has the paperwork and open up the back panels and see if the pots are full sized not mini ones, and if the switch is not a box, and check to make sure the truss rod is correct this might help


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They are both ok,


The diamond inlay is the correct size.


I would suggest that the second one (US) may have had its headstock refinished possibly after a break..... which may suggest why the tuners are not straight....


Or it may just be a poor photo...


Both look nice though...





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