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Hollow Body.. Dot/ Sheraton/ Riviera/ others?

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Hi all..


I'm interested in Hollowbody recently,

Epiphone Sheraton, Dot, Riviera and that kinda of stuffs..


I'm looking at Epiphone's, because i believe that their quality is good. Not too sure though, thats why i open this thread.












WHat are the advantages of having these type of guitar? The benefits?

I personally like it because of the shape of it..


Does the sound actually affected by the fact that it is hollowed?


Thanks all.. [biggrin]

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Sheratons and Dots are semi-hollow bodies, which means they have a block of wood between the two wings under the pickups to help provide more sustain and minimize feedback. A Sheraton is essentially a Dot with a bound fingerboard as well as more inlay on the fingerboard, as well as a nicer headstock.


A Casino is a thinline hollow body. It is much thinner than a full size hollow body like a Howard Roberts, ES-175, or an Emperor.


All of the above have different characteristics and can have different electrics. You can study the online pages, such as at




but you should play them if you can before buying.

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+1 to playing b4 buying.


Another bit of info, generally speaking, the Full Hollowbodies have a larger scale, than their Semi-Hollow breathren.


20 frets on the big boys, and 22 on the semi's.

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They certainly have a different charater than a solid body. I'm a big fan of the complex sounds you can get from a hollow/semihollow.

Hard to go wrong with any of those models. Decide what style of music you want to play and what pickups you want. That should help you narrow your choices.

Dots, Sheratons and Casinos are probably the most popular of those.

Don't overlook the Wildkat and the ES-175. Both good choices there as well.

I'll go along with the "try some first" advice. Always a good call.



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