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Epiphone Sheraton's Case..??

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Hi all, how r u?


Recently, i bought an Epiphone sHeraton. But it didnt include a hardshell case..

Thus, i'm planning to buy 1 epiphone 335 case. Will my new guitar fit to that case?

Does Epiphone Case 335 fit with all tuoenof Epi's 335? I.e. Dot, Sheraton, Casino.. Etc..


Thanks buddy

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When I got a hold of my Sherri it did not have a case either. I just went for a generic archtop case that fits like a glove. If buying a case, take your guitar with you and make sure that it fits snugly and there is no movement of the neck in the rest and that it is held secure at the waist. Some generic cases have very thin linings and others have linings about an inch thick such as this one, the more padding the better!




See this link as a result of a bad fitting case!



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Ow.. But i think i'll go with epi case..


What i want to know' date='does Epiphone 335 Case wrap Epi Sheraton nicely?


Is there only 1 type of Epiphone 335 Case?one that fits Sheraton, Dot, Casino...?




I highly recommend the Epi. brand case, nothing IN ITS PRICE RANGE will fit it better, and it'll rattle around in a cheap case like a maraca bean.

The Hollow/Semi Hollow body case fits my Sheraton II like a glove.


Brian is right about the smell, but there are remedies for that, such as letting it sit open, outdoors, in the sunlight for a few days, vacuuming it weekly, tucking a dryer sheet or air freshener in the storage box etc.

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