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What brand Mini-Humms to replace P-90s?

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I know that a few (if not several) of you have replaced P-90 Soapbars with Mini Humbuckers.

My question is, what brand of Minis did you use, and are you happy with them?

I'm currently looking very closely at the GFS Minis that come with the adapter rings, for my '56 GT.

I'm also looking at the GFS minis with the flat metal ring (pickguard set) for my SX SJM-'57.

The Minis come in "crunchy" and "Fat" (ceramic mag. or alnico mag.) I'll probably go with alnico for both.

Have any of y'all used the GFS minis?

I don't expect them to be as clear (or hot) as Gibson minis, but would it be worth the swap?(the P-90 buzz is driving me NUTS)

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You say the buzz is driving you nuts? Do you like the tone from the P90's? One suggestion is to get a good quality noise gate. Properly adjusted, they zero out the hum, and do *not* affect the tone or sustain to any noticeable level. I have been using an ISP Decimator with my 56GTRI for several years.

As far as mini-hums, I think just about any of the aftermarket pu builders would be fine, but why not go with Gibson originals? Or, to throw in another suggestion, how about Firebird pu's? They are the same size as mini's, but are constructed a little differently, and having a little different tone.

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