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String didn't wind well, redo it ?

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How many times has that A-string been wound around the post? [blush]


"When I interviewed BB King for Guitar Player' date=' I found that he installs the entire string - winding up all the slack onto each post. It seems like a lot of hard work, and I would never have thought of it, but Mr. King seldom goes out of tune - and he invented string-bending!". Dan Erlewine - [i']Guitar Player Repair Guide[/i].


Here's the full picture:



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if it was MY guitar I would rewind it, its not that hard to do especially on the fat E string, I wouldnt want overlapping wraps on my posts, I do alot of bending and those wraps can slip causing your guitar to go out of tune,, unwind it till you can get it right then wind it up making sure your wraps go in a descending order, that will prevent possible slipping during a tune

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First of all, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I screwed up a bit on the same string last time I changed them and mine stay in tune fine.



Here is a link to a good video explaining how to restring a guitar. This is the method I use and it works very well (just ignore the three finger rule for the low E and use only two fingers - use the three finger rule for all other strings):


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I think because it is thicker, it means there is too much string to be wound around the peg when you use the three finger rule for the sixth string. That's my best guess anyway. In my experience, two fingers works best for the sixth string and then three fingers is fine for all the others.

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At least B.B. is neat about it. Look at THIS mess:




... and here it is again!




Good thing we all know better' date=' huh guys?



John never changed, either. When I saw his J-160E a few years ago, the extra length was coiled up and hanging loose. I assume he continued to change strings throughout his life.


I think guitar players online make a much bigger deal about stupid little things than is necessary. String neatness, for the most part, is about looking good. I've never had a string slip, and my strings are rarely perfect.

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