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sunburst or natural Sherri

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I would say play both a good amount of time' date=' one will shine above the other most likely. Other than that, what color is your amp? P.S. Thanks Sledge for the recent trade!!





Looks good Dan glad you like it.


Now I can get another opinion besides mine on how nice that guitar is [mellow]


Can't wait to get home and see what's waiting for me.

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I love that white one Jerry. Wished they would release it again. Here's mine. I wanted a natural but this is what the shop had, minus my mods, and it was love at first site. I have looked a a few of the new naturals, but I'm not impressed. Not as nice as the older ones which had nicer grain in them. Just my $.02.


One with the black following the body edge would be an Elite, no longer made. But there are used ones around.



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I would love a black one.


A black Sherry just sold locally last week for $200 and that included an Epiphone HSC and a small EPI amp. It was back on CL 3 days later for $350 by the new owner/flipper.



Plus 1 for the natural' date=' they look grrrreeeaattt in natural.



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I want a GOOD VSB Sherri, preferably not a "II", to go with..............






In the 2 yrs i've had it, the rosewood has darkened quite nicely from when these pics were made..........

Except for installing 18/1 Grover Super Rotos w/Imperial buttons, it's absolutely bone stock & I LOVE the tone (balancing both p'ups).

This is my "go to" electric, even though I own Gibsons & Fenders. It's my "baby", and my wifes favorite too!

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