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Well I shopped around a bit, the majors will all discount the Wilshire worn '66 with a hard case from between $390 to $410. I went to a bit smaller shot where they actually handle the guitar, set it up, have the epi hard case that is right for the guitar and got a very fair price somewhere in the middle shipped. No I do not have 30 days approval but that is fine...I would have to pay both shipping if I return it, that is also fine for the added attention to the guitar. So I went on a hunt for amps as i have none, I sold my '65 princeton reverb too many years ago to have much regret anymore....I have owned and sold 2 Peavy Classic 20's as I think they were, no longer, the sleeper and I just found one at a decent price, so the deal is done, now to just get it. So I ordered the worn Cherry and I hope it is something I will keep, it should certainly be easy on my hands which are an issue.


Thanks for the help and pointing me to the older posts. This should be fun.

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