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1957 goldtop vos


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hey guys - i posted a while ago about my ibanez (even though this is a gibson forum)

but couldnt reply to the responses because i couldnt log!!!


anyway i read the posts all the time, you people know your stuff


im 16 and have just finished my exams ... becuase ive dont well in them my dad said that

he will buy me a propper gibby, ive read reviews on just about every website i can find, but i know

theres no substitute for playing the real thing


there are a few models that ive been looking at


les paul standard (pre 2000)

les paul 1957 vos

les paul 1958


i went to guitar guitar in newcastle the other day and tried a goldtop 1957 vos (darkback) ...

i have a couple of questions is any difference in the dark back model and the other lighter wood version?

ive not been able to find another darkback since!!


can any of you suggest the pros and cons of a model or can reccomend one to me through personal experience

i think im leaning towards the 1957 goldtop vos more but i really dont see the difference in trying each model separtly!


i though the 1957 & 58 models were basically the same !


any light shed would be appriciated !!!

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darkback is cosmetic only


57s and 58s are the same guitar, different finish (though the 57 can have a slightly thicker neck).


i am not a fan of the pre-2002 Standards. I like the BBs more than the 490/498 pickups.


if the 57 sounds and feels good, i think you already have your answer.

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i didnt really get to road test it, and i didnt try it through an amp as they didnt have my amp at the shop

im not gonna play it through a £1000 amp at the shop when ive got a £200 amp at home if you know what i mean

i would swap the pickups out anyway seymore duncans or buy some BB's

and i know this sounds stupid but it reallt didnt feel heavy for a vos or too studry ,

the neck felt nice though, i think in the long run id prefer a 50's neck to a 60's

even though i like fast stuff the 50's was more comfortable,


i dont think im gonna buy the one on display anway,

the manager said that the les pauls were coming in dribbs and drabs,

something to do with gibson bringing out the new standard !!!

could i ask the shop to order a few for me to try out, and the one that feels best I take

or does it not work like that


ive only ever bought my guitars off ebay ... this would be my first one over £600

i know how les pauls can vary in quality so it would be nice to be able to choose from a few ?

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1) you need to play the guitars unplugged first. my experience has been that if it sounds like shite unplugged, then its not gonna sound great amplified (some others will disagree with me).


there is nothing wrong with playing it thru an expensive amp. the guitar will shine (or dud) when played thru a better amp. besides, you prolly won't have a small, inexpensive amp forever. worst case scenario, take your amp to the shop.


2) VOS's shouldnt be heavy. most are in the 8.5-9.5 lb range. The Historics are supposed to get the best wood, hence the lighter weight and (in theory) better sound.


3) buying one on display can be good or bad. it often allows for price haggling. i bought my R8 off the wall and it will eat your LP for breakfast, I promise. biggrin.gif/


4) dont buy into that shite about the 60s neck being good for fast stuff. buy the neck size that is most comfortable FOR YOU. Period.


5) play as many as you can. do not settle on a lesser guitar because you want something now. you will KNOW when you find the right one.

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Groovy, Groovy (sorry could not resist), welcome aboard, I have a 57 VOS Goldtop, and absolutely love it. If you get a chance, check out the Traditional as well. It has the feel and tone of the 90s era Standard but has 57 Classic PuPs that absolutely rock. Make sure you play the different models. It would be tough to choose between the reissues and the Traditional, but I have been rather disappointed with the new Standards. Play hard, have fun and post pics as soon as you get her.

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