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G-400 faded

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Ok so i have had it a while like 4/5 months now.

its awesome stays in tune ok

but my main problem is whenever i switch to the treble pickup

it cuts out a lot and sometimes no sound comes out

Another thing, the input jack always comes loose and the cable

has to be in that right spot or no sound. i have tried other cables.

i plan on returning it.

any suggestions?

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I had a similar issue with my G-400 faded.. it is not an uncommon problem and is easily fixed providing you have a soldering iron. The electrics that Epiphone puts in their guitars is quite often a bit flaky and unreliable. I'd recommend you replace the electrics - especially the switch - with good parts as soon as you get chance. I haven't done that as of yet with my Korina Explorer, but the switch is on its way out after around 5-6 months of heavy playing.. I have to move the switch back and forth to get it working properly at the moment, not the best thing during a gig!


It is the unfortunate reality about Epiphone I'm afraid. It is luck of the draw, some will show their weaknesses early on like yours and mine and others seem to hold it together longer. If you love the guitar besides the electrical problem then I'd just replace the electrics rather than take it back.. if you haven't bonded with it and feel a bit disappointed then by all means go get a refund - a replacement will more than likely have the same issues somewhere down the line though!


Some of the best guitars I have played have been Epiphones.. if you can look past the one or two flaws (that are more often electrical rather than cosmetical or otherwise) that are unfortunately part and parcel of their guitars, and you are prepared to carry out a little DIY, you will have a guitar you love for life. I wouldn't sell/swap/exchange or replace my Korina Explorer for anything, or any amount of money.. I love it. The same goes for my Squier Classic Vibe Strat - I played my brothers new USA Standard last night and I much prefer my Classic Vibe, not just slightly.. to me, his USA seemed like the cheap knock off and mine the real deal!


Sorry for the rant, but that's my tuppence worth - or my two cents - or whatever the saying is over yonder in the States.

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Sorry for the rant' date=' but that's my tuppence worth - or my two cents - or whatever the saying is over yonder in the States.[/quote']






Personally I think tuppence has a nice ring to it. That was also some very good advice.



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Well Legs, assuming you do genuinely want to know the definition of 'yonder', and I am not being lured in to some sort of comical trap that I won't get because I'm British and you are American.. here is the Oxford dictionary definition:




archaic or dialect

at some distance in the direction indicated; over there:

there's a ford south of here , about nine miles yonder



archaic or dialect

that or those (used to refer to something situated at a distance):

what light through yonder window breaks?



(the yonder)

the far distance:

attempting to fly off into the wide blue yonder



Over there is the best definition! Glad to see you got your G-400 - they're nice guitars Legs.

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