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Neal Schon Signature Les Paul....part II?


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In the August 2008 issue of Guitar World, Neal Schon said that "I am working with them (Gibson) on new products right now. We're updating my guitar and simplifying it so they can make more units. They had a really hard time pumping out numbers of my guitars. The interest was there, but they had a hard time making them."


The difficulty in building his LP is completely understandable. In addition to the floating Floyd, which is obviously unlike any other LP, there's the Sustainer circuitry, routing, and install to contend with. The refined heel, incredible inlays and amazing vibe of this guitar certainly takes time to craft, but the results are so worth it. I know, because I own one...O:)


Even though sig. guitars are rarely discussed before their "official" release date, can any update be given on the development of Neal's new LPs? I would guess that the "simplification" of the guitar may be the replacement of the Sustainer with a standard pickup, or maybe replacing the modified heel with a more traditional one. But, these are just guesses...


Along these same lines, are there plans to undertake another run of the NS LP in its current configuration, but with a few tweaks? My curiosity is heightened by the fact that Neal's been playing a gorgeous flame top (prototype?) version of his LP on the current Journey tour.


Any info would be greatly appreciated! By the way, I've got to say "Thank You" to all those at Gibson & beyond who were involved in designing and building this LP...it feels like it was custom made for me...



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Wow...blows that whole "get the story straight from the source" thing right out of the water...:-k


Who knows...maybe what he was referring to were mods/revisions to his personal LPs...

Or perhaps what he is referring to is what became the LP Axcess? The Axcess looks to be along the same lines as the NS model but with standard Gibson electronics and cosmetics. I think Admin stated that neither Neal nor Alex Lifeson (who has been playing Axcess prototypes for a while now) had anything to do with the Axcess, but it is quite similar in design to the original NS model. Coincidence?
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