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New Pups for Paul

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I finally did it. I got new pickups for the LP. I got the Crunchy PATs from GFS and I'm very happy with them.

I have a push/pull pot on the the bridge pickup (volume knob) so I can split/coil. This is the first time I have ever had this on any guitar. In fact it's the first time I have even played one before. It is so COOL!!! I have such a variety of sound/tone now.


I have had this guitar for close to 2 years. I have NEVER liked the way it sounded.

It's beautiful. The neck is really straight. The action is incredibly low, with no string buzz. The frets are worn some, but not too much. Just right IMO. I have always loved the look and especially the feel of it. But it I rarely played it. It was the worse sounding guitar of the bunch.


I held out for a pup replacement. I have never changed pups in any of my guitars before.

Here's what I did first. I installed Guitar Fetish Tuners, Tusq nut, new bridge, new tailpiece. I messed with pup height and many other factors, and then decided it needed pups.


I know most probably think I should take off the PG. I agree that it does look better with it off. But I like to rest my little finger on it when I play. For the carved tops I just need a PG. If I didn't I would take it off. (I won't tell you what I paid for the PG on Ebay. But it was way more than I had expected to pay.) And I know many don't like the amber knobs. On many guitars I don't like them either. But on this one I do. In fact, these knobs came from the ones I took off my Dot. I replaced the ones on my Dot. Didn't like the way they looked on the Dot.


The guitar looks like it is stock. All the parts I replaced it with look identical. But of course they were upgrades.


This guitar now sounds as good as it looks. I love it.









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Hi Brad,


Any chance of a sound clip or vid? I'm interested in those crunchy PATs for my LP studio.



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Yes, Sir - gotta love GFS Humbuckers! I slapped a set of

GFS "Fat Pat" Boutique HBs in a Raven West LP copy, the

difference in sound was like night and day. Good Choice,

AND a very nice looking LP!!!!

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Thanks KD, Alan, and Animalfarm (Greg). I appreciate it!


I forgot to mention that I also had all new wiring put in, and the controls are now wired for independent volume control.


Alan, I will try to make a sound demo for you. (I have no video equipment)

But I can't make any promises that I will get it done.

School starts the week after next week (I'm a teacher), and this week I will be very busy preparing.


I like the pickups in my '06 G400. These are similar sounding, but better.

They are a little higher output (good for coil/split).


The bridge with the coil/split sounds great. You can go from a thin, light, twangy tone, to a thick, distorted tone, with the push of a knob. It really lets you hear how different a double coil and a single coil pup sound. It fun trying out all the different combinations, especially with the toggle in the middle.


The neck pickup is really nice too. It has a very rich, creamy, warm tone to it. I love playing lead stuff on it.


Pinch Harmonics are a snap, and sound great. And the clear articulation from these pups is wonderful.

For $24.95 each, you can not go wrong. They are very good pickups.

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