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Historic Goldtop finish any different than production Goldtop finish?


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Hey guys and gals. New here. Thanks for having me.


I just purchased a LP295 Guit of the Month and dig it. Still, I don't know if it's just my imagination, but the Goldtop finish seems less complex than it did on an R7 I used to own.


Any difference in the Historic goldtop finish and the production goldtop finish? Are my eyes just playing tricks on me?

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Welcome aboard!

The LP-295 Guitar of the Month is cool as hell.

My dealer has one in stock and dig it too.


Goldtop may indeed be "less complex" than an R7.


Historic and production goldtop finishes are done in two different shops, with two different markets in mind.

I haven't noticed, but I never owned any Reissue LP's.

Your attention to detail may see something that never caught my eye.

Good question for Gibson Customer Service at 800-444-2766, open 24/7.


Neo :-)

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Ok. And just got off the phone with Gibson Customer Service. They say the finishes are different, and the Historics use the historically accurate method, and Gibson USA shoots different. He said he could not research to find the exact difference, but there is one. Kinda bummed out by that, I must admit.

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The old "Gold Tops" were of a finer (less coarse) metallic gold paint.

The newer ones, seem to have a more coarse, gold particle, content...

That's just MY observations, over the years. Don't know the exact

forumla's used, "historically" as opposed to current production, but

someone here, probably does... It's all good, though. Just a matter

of preference, I guess?



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I'm sorry' date=' but returning a guitar because it's the wrong shade of gold is one of the worst reasons I've heard.

How does the 295 sound and play?[/quote']

I'm afraid I have to agree with Tim on this one.

I'm guessing you bought it from Guitar Center?

I'm curious to see how THAT return goes, even with them....


"Yeah, the paint is not exactly what I had in mind. I know I looked at it plenty before I bought it, but I changed my mind."


Guitar Center uses their return policies as a selling point, trying to beat the independant dealers out of business.

My dealer in Phoenix might work with you - within a couple days.

Beyond that, you'd get a polite but firm NO.

Why should they lose money on what is now a used guitar, simply because you changed your mind?


GC won't lose a dime. They'll either hang it out as new again, or ship it to another store so THEY can.

Nobody will ever know.....


Jeez, that's a shame. I really like the 295...

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Many thanks for the great information, guys and gals. I have a feeling I'll be posting here some more.


I bought the lp295 at a reputable dealer that I have a good relationship with. Not GC. I'll ask for an exchange, and see how it goes. If they can do it, great, if not, I'll consider Ebay.


I got the guitar for a very good price. So I'd actually be bringing more money into the shop with an exchange to an R7.


As for it being a bad idea to exchange the guitar over the finish, sorry, but it's my money and me playing the guitar. I should have researched better before buying, for sure. But the Goldtop finish, the type I had on the Historic I used to own, is one of my favorite things in the world. The Gibson USA finish is different enough for me to notice it with the naked eye, purely from memory of my Historic. And now that it's confirmed, I know it will stick in my craw.


I've decided to keep only one Gibson electric, just because I want to use the bread to pay off credit card bills in these tough times. Since it's a luxury item for me, I want it to be the right Gibson, one that's perfect to me.

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Well, in honor of Tim's observations, I'm also trying a few other things. The dealer said it is a tad too late to exchange the guitar, and I was totally cool with that.


But as I considered the Ebay option, I did realize this guitar plays and sounds pretty dang good. That's the most important thing, really.


I'm gonna take it to a local shop with a few Historic GTs and see just how noticeable the difference is to the naked eye. Knowing how paint can take differently, I'm sure there will even be a difference between the Historic GTs.


If the goldtop difference from production to custom shop is really as noticeable as memory serves, maybe I'll still consider the Ebay thing. But if I'm splitting hairs over cosmetics, I'll just keep the LP295. After all, it is still a really unique guitar, and makes great music.


There's also the refin option. A few places claim to shoot the Gold just like Gibby did back in the day. But I doubt I'll go there.


Thanks again for the advice.

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