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I've only got one Kramer in hand at the moment, a beak neck Pacer Deluxe.. but I've owned some dandies over the years. Lost most of my pictures of them over the years due to a computer crash, but a friend of mine that I would send pictures of my guitars to happened to save some of them. He (and I for that matter) were pretty hard core Jackson/Charvel guys for a while, so he didn't save all the Kramers that I sent him. Here is a current pic of the Deluxe, along with my homebrews (Southeast Guitars Customs):




And here are a few of the Kramers:












There were many more, just lost all the pics.. Kind of sad really.

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Got any info on the ESP? That particular guitar really caught my eye!


If you're refering to the blue one up there, I was just trying to show the similarities of the ESP M-II and the Kramer Stagemaster. ESP made many of the guitar parts for the "American Series" Kramer guitars back in the day. The main difference in those guitars were that the Kramer was an archtop and the M-II was a flat top, but both guitar models could be had either way (flat or arched).

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I had noticed some of photos are taken from the far cultural origin, some are thinking as considering Kramer, maybe they have to and they do naturally. Kramer is the guitar that American only uses and that gives a hint about how they had played those tunes. hahaha, I feel funny as I'm the only one in this location, South Korea. I'm an mixed, grown up independantly.


I also don't have the super depth of photographies how they should have taken. But photos taken with different wills are actually saying, all they want is "I want to keep this guitar." haha, yeah, each second world changes and I think websites are good places to stamps them as their belongings in the super reality.


So, you know what to do !

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Just joined the forum a few days ago for the Gibsons and Epis, and I find Kramer here. Great. And some great classics. I hope this one qualifies. My brother bought it sometime in the mid-80's. Not sure on the exact yeat, but has a genuine Floyd Rose on it. Also had a Bill Lawrence humbucker installed when he bought it.

post-31005-099712000 1298664693_thumb.jpg

post-31005-049306400 1298664710_thumb.jpg

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My first year (straight head stock) 83 Kramer Pacer Focus 2000 made with a US neck and PuPs shipped to Japan - original Seymour Duncan pickups. Shreds Very nice, the Floyd Rose is still tight and the neck is still straight. Only thing missing is the back trem cover. Think I left it somewhere in Colorado on a tour. Otherwise, amazingly minimal road wounds (couple small scratches). Sadly, I need to sell it.

post-29905-045537400 1300312544_thumb.jpg

post-29905-035048700 1300312561_thumb.jpg

post-29905-078091900 1300312577_thumb.jpg

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