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i think that's a load of s**t. i have an 84 reissue baretta and it plays very nice... the neck, the pup, floyd, all are very good. probably better than the vintage '84. the quality control of the early kramers was hit and miss. the later esp produced kramer parts (for both japan and american kramers) were more stable. as for the new new kramers, they're not out yet. so i can't say.

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Basically you have 3 types of Kramer guitars.

1) The original 70's Aluminum neck & 80's Wood neck Kramers

2) The older Gibson Kramers sold through the MusicYo website

3) The newer Gibson Kramers now being sold through regular guitar dealers


It is very important to remember that the Gibson Kramers DO NOT follow the same model lines as the 80's Kramers did.


80's Kramer Pacer - top line USA guitar / Gibson Kramer Pacer - Low end guitar

80's Kramer Focus - top line Japan guitar / Gibson Kramer Focus - Bottom end guitar

80's Kramer Striker - bottom line Korean guitar / Gibson Kramer Striker - High end guitar

The re-issues are well reissues of the more poplar USA models from the 80's [both Top line guitars]


The original 80's Kramers are what they are, lol.

Some were built on a Wed, seems a lot more were built on Mondays or Fridays, lol.

[Meaning, yes, Quality Control was not always the #1 priority, lol]

But what they "might" have lacked in QC, they surely made up for in the use of all top of the line parts.


The older "MusicYo" Gibson Kramer's are good guitars, with a bit of a bad rap.

The Re-issues being the best followed by the Striker line.

Then the lower end Pacer and bottom line Focus models.


The newer Gibson Kramer's , well we don't know yet.

But they still follow the same model lines as the "MusicYo" Gibson Kramer's did. :D

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