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Kramer Baretta 1985 Reissue - some questions

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Guest BlackSheep1281758092



As i understand, 1985 Reissue is handcrafted in U.S.A.? Why it's price is so small (about 900-1200$)? For example, Jackson Dinky's price is about 1800$.


And how many guitars were maid?



I am not sure on the exact amount made. The 85's went for $1299 new w/ a hardhsell case. It was a fair price on a great guitar. I think you're paying $500 extra on a Jackson with similar features, because they like to think their USA stuff is extra special..IMHO.

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correct a new retta could be had back in the day for 1200 to 1400 depending on weather it was a custom order or not. the reason the jackson stuff is over priced is because fender thinks its stuff is worth alot. jackson became junk in 2000 when fender bought it and began butchering the jackson guitar. think im full of bs. well pick up an old 84 85 jackson soloist and then pick up fenders jackson custom shop model and you wiil understand a well hand crafted made in usa jackson when you toss the fender version.

even the charvel by jackson 1986 model 6 smokes todays models in play feel and tone.

look at the fender telecaster way over priced for any model or feature. tin bridge parts chrome plated. need i say more.

the re issue rettas are decent guitars if you get to a shop who understands you and your playing likes and dislikes and can set it up for you perfect. i have stripped down a few retta reissues and what i found underneath was layered maple in like 1/8 to 1/4 sheets glued together. once you get the plastic poly coating off the truth comes out.

i use them for 5150 and 1984 conversions.

jump on the reissue at 400 to 600 bucks even the 1984 a good pot pick up and a proper set up for your playing style and if you hang onto it 20 years from now it will have value.

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I remember walking out of Guitar Center in Hollywood back in the summer of '85 with a new white Baretta, if I remember right I think I hammered the idiot salesman down to a grand out the door. I might even still have the receipt.. :) Two years before that I bought a Pacer Carrera, that thing was awesome, wish I still had it.

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1200 to 1400 for a new retta.? you mean baretta ?

they were going for around $600 new, i know i bought one and still have it.

and i still have the papers if you would like to see the purchase order.


Yes, I would like to see the papers of where you got a 1985 Baretta for $600. Because that's where the topic went... how much they were, back in the day.


I paid $1200 for mine, so I know you didn't pay $600 for yours, unless its a fake, a reissue, or stolen.


(nm... I don't suspect you will be replying any time soon.)

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