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Steinberger ZT3 without Pickup Mounting rings


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I wonder if steinberger will be selling the Steinberger ZT3 without the pickup mounting rings that was played in

the demo video. Without the Pickup mounting rings the guitar looks awesome. The red color would look great with gold hardware.


Definitely will be purchasing a couple of the red ZT3s, however i will swap out the pickups for Creamed Colored Dimarzio steve vai EVO2 in the Bridge and a Joe Satriani PAF Joe in the Neck.


ZT3 is a Killer looking Guitar.

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The ZT3 guitar in the video demo used the same pickup mounting method as used on the Synapse line. These are "ringless" D-shaped tabs. They work well with EMG pickups as used on the Synapse but without significant modification they do not work well with the ZT3's custom-made Gibson pickups due to differences in the mounting base. Therefore, we decided to go with standard mounting rings on the ZT3 in production.




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I will say the D shaped tabs make changing pickups a pain on the Synapse. It can be done, but you either have to change the screw sizes for your pickups (the EMG screws- which are wood screws- don't fit Duncans) Or change the screws in your aftermarket pickups to something that can screw into wood.

Steinberger also uses foam underneath the pickups to help with stability- I had to change that to slightly different foam for my Duncans.

BTW, I love my Synapse even more now.

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