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When ZT3 on the shops?

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Musician's Friend:

Backordered: Available 08-08-2008


American Musical Supply:

Out of Stock! Available 7/9/2008



We've confirmed this item will ship soon from Steinberger and should arrive in our warehouse the week of 6/29.


Good question. Retailers are all over the map. No idea on the brick & mortar dealers. You might try calling one.

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I have enquired from the International Distributor in Australia (Australian Musical Imports) about the Steinberger ZT-3 Custom and their response was that "there is no intention to bring the new Steinbergers to Australia as they feel the market interest will not warrant them doing so."


Seems a bit like a supermarket saying that if an item or product is not on the shelves "then we won't stock the item", rather than, it is not on the shelves because "we need to order some (or more as the case may be) to keep up with the demand for the product!!!!!!!!"


Anyone have any thoughts about an alternative to making a purchase? My enquiries from Sweetwater also revealed that they are not prepared to ship a guitar to Australia if I purchase online and they suggested finding a "smaller" owner/operator to buy it from. Does, or can anyone recommend any company, as proposed by Sweetwater? Thanks.

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