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Anyone change the pickups in their ZT3?

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Just putting it out there to see if anyone had changed their pickups in the ZT3? Been thinking about changing the pickups, looking for a more defined sound for jazz and rock playing. I find the stock pickups to be little dull. Anyone have any suggestions/thoughts?


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I'm on my way to put DiMarzio,I'll put a PAF JOE in the neck and an AT-1 on the bridge.

I'm a metal player but love the progressive and the possibility to change styles and play with clean and clear sounding pickups.


THe PAF will give lots of powah to the grave riffs and the other one will make the magic with a more jazzy sound. I think them will growl like the best guitar in the world!! jajajja


But if you combine them you will have to put some resistence or I don't know what in the PAF because it will sound with more volume when you change the configuration.


So good luck with what you desire

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