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Gibson A model Mandolin 1946-14 on back of headstock

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I've found an A type Gibson mandolin with 1946-14 stamped onto the back of the headstock. It was purchased new by a professional musican. It resembles an A-400 or A-500 model, but I did not (duh) get the model number from inside.


This instrument has three minor issues: There are cracks from the top of the "f" holes up to the body on both sides (one crack per side) and none cause any degregation of sound or strength of the instrument. One of these cracks is completely covered by the tourtise shell pick guard: And there is also pick gouge worn above the strings. It includes the original green case. It has been played often and loved always. It has a loud sweet tone.


I have some (pretty poor) pictures if they could help. The owner wouldn't allow me to remove it from her home to my studio for proper pictures. I will email the pics to anyone who can help. If there is an interest in purchasing this, the owner will entertain offers, but I first need to establish a value.


The widow of the owner needs to sell several mandolins to pay for her husband's funeral expenses and hospital bills.


Does anyone have ANY idea what this is (or may) be worth? I'm a Geetar man and know absolutely nothing about mandolins... I checked the serial numbers at the Gibson site and even wasted my time sending them an email to get some info on this item. I got nothing. Please let me know what other information may be helpful.


Accordng to his widow, he played this in a studio group in Nashville for several albums by "Little Jimmy Dickens". She has a picture of her husband's group with Mr. Dickens that hangs on the wall. She's 89 years old and he passed away 2 years ago.

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What was his name? I bought Scotty Stonemans (died in the early 70's) mandolin from Gruhns, but it actually was owned by Jim Calvin, when he died his widow sold it to Gruhns.


I love old instruments with a history.


Best of luck.



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