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Gibson CS

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Low end, beginner's versions! Sold in several

"Chain" retailers... Not REAL "Gibsons"...


Edit: (01-10-10) I stand corrected. "REAL Gibson's"...who'd of "Thunk" it?!

Well....it's a Warehouse/"Big Box" world, and more so, all the time. ;>b


With all due respect to "Best Buy," I'll support my local family owned dealership....

for as long as they can manage to stay in business, that is. Besides, their prices

are (generally) better, than the Big Box Stores, anyway. And the service is WAY better.



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Quote from Harmony Central forums.


They've been doing this in Minneapolis at the 494 and Lyndale flagship

store since last December, it was the pilot store.


It's great to be able to buy strings at 8 p.m. on a saturday night but

the horror you will experience seeing eight year old kids banging on

$2000 electronic drumkits and bashing $2000 Slash Les Paul's on the

floor is unparalleled.


Also, seeing an eight year old press a horrible diminished chord and

shouting "POOPY!" into a vocoder will melt your brain.


They have a "everyone can touch these and even bash it around"

policy it seems.


The local store has Gibson, Fender (they even had a Custom Shop

special order strat that nobody picked up, really nice), Peavey,

Ibanez, Jackson, Daisy Rock and others.


They have a full section of keyboards, recording equipment, an

acoustic room, computers and software, the whole nine yards.


They have given the local guitar center a run for their money but

so far they haven't really put the hurt on as yet.


They've got a full complement of boss and digitech pedals, roland

korg and yamaha keyboards, an amp room (marshall, fender, etc.).


IF the equipment survives the beating the kids inflict it will be interesting.


Like GC, the best guitars are hanging up in the air but I was surprised

I could just pick up a Slash Les Paul in the $2300 range and just play

it without someone go "You better not defile that thing".

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Actually a select few Best Buy stores have the Guitar Center-like music departments. Except for a couple stores here in the twin cities, I'm not sure where the other locations are in the US. Some I believe are in California and the midwest. A few months ago I stopped in one of our local Best Buys (walking distance from a Guitar Center) and I almost fell over. Right next to the computer dept. was a full-scale guitar and gear room. Yes there are REAL Gibsons, Fenders as well as other name brands, not to mention a nice array of amps. Prices weren't much better than GC, but the atmosphere was pretty welcoming. As far as how many stores like that will expand around the country, I have no idea. Only time will tell I guess.

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you guys should consider this a blessing.


GC now has some serious competition. as of now, BB will beat any advertised price by 10%. and while this doesnt sound like much, it is something given that GC is not budging on prices anymore. this could lead to even lower prices depending on how badly they want your business.

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Our Best Buy has a musical instrument department that include REAL Gibson, Les Pauls, Exploers, SG's, J-45s, Hummingbirds, and SJ-200s. You don't get much of a seslction, only one or two of each and the prices are on the same line as Guitar Center. The problem lies in that they won't go below the sticker price.

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I'm sure BB will do their best to hire qualified guitar sales people that know as much as those same highly trained sales people at GC. I think it's a positive step in customer service and definitely a new resource for knowledge and quality well maintained in tune humidified unmolested gear. +:-@


At least it will be easy to haggle on dings and dents since every piece will have them.

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One good thing I can say for BB is that the kid I talked to actualy knew the scale lengths were different on the J-45 and SJ-200. All I ever get from GC is, "You can probably look that up on Gibson's web site." or my personal favorite, " You'll have to ask my manager and he's not here today.".

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HA HA HA check out this review from the BB website:



Write a review

Customer Rating: 5.0


By futuretruckerman from apple creek ohio Read all my reviews


"i just bought this and it sounds amazing! i have not yet found one bad thing about it but if you play for to long your fingers hurt with out tape or something covering it"


Here is the link if you don't believe me, just click the "read reviews" below the 5 stars on the left hand side, I said, click the "read reviews" on the left hand side... Bom-Bildy-Bildy-Bildy-Bildy-Bom. :D




Granted it is a Maestro, maybe if it were a Gibson his digits wouldn't be sore?!?

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i don't see anything wrong with it. in fact i'm all for it.


have you ever heard the slogan for lending tree? "when banks compete, you win".


this will only bring these very pricey instruments closer to our homes.


i understand that there is this "club" everyone wants to belong to by going to their mom and pop music store, but give me a break.


and if you want to argue that the employees will be clueless then go ahead. if you go to any store and have the salesperson make up your mind for you. you are destine to be ripped off. and that's your fault.



beautiful les pauls at the absolute best price.....bring it!

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Dropped into Best Buy last night to look for a micro sd card. Their price for a 4GB was $50....way too high. Was disappointed. But then I rounded a corner and stumbled into their music department. Boy was that a surprise. I'll be buying all my gear there from now on. Super cool, laid back sales. No Sam Ash/Manny's Music >desperate, frustrated, burned out, salesmen, haunting the place.

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I hope they do that with the one right down the street from me. All they have in there now is a few Casio electric mini-grand pianos, some Starcaster Strat wannabees, and a few odds 'n ends (strings, music books, straps, etc!


And +1 to the salsepeople. Very proffesional, and actually enjoy helping people. They practically treat you like family (well, at least the ones at my local BB do)...even if it IS to make a sale.

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I live right by the first flagship store to have the music dept right near the world headquarters. I found one benefit, when the original robots came out and sold out the same day, BB had a handful of them for almost a week. Got mine there and it was still in the box (no kid snot, drewl, or dings)!!!

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In Phoenix, I would say Best Buy rivals any of our four glorious Guitar Centers.

Selection is not as large, but is better cared for.


Expensive stuff is hanging high so the staff has to get it down for you.


Sales kids aren't that sharp, but seem to want to help.


Doubt I'll ever buy there, since I'm lucky enough to have access to a couple fantastic Mom & Pop shops.

Unless I want one of those smokin' $89 Gibson acoustics they sell there....

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In Phoenix' date=' I would say Best Buy rivals any of our four glorious Guitar Centers.

Selection is not as large, but is better cared for. ... Expensive stuff is hanging high so the staff has to get it down for you. ... Sales kids aren't that sharp, but seem to want to help. ....[/quote']


If it's nearby, you should keep on eye on them. They sometimes drop in unadvertised clearance prices significantly below Gibson Corps MAP (you know Gibson Corp hates guitars going below Minimum Advertising Price). For instance, one day I was doing a walk through my local BB with a music store inside (just keeping an eye on the stock) and I stumbled across a new SJ-200 MC on clearance for $2249 (Gibson Corp MAP $3249, MSRP $4603). A thousand bucks below MAP! An immediate GAS attack hit and the wifey bought it for me for Christmas. (Deluxe 'Gibson Acoustic' labeled hard shell case, paperwork, etc included).


Anyway, BB does carry some high end stock and it may be worth it to keep tabs on the stock.

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