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Hi Guys' date=' This was a PM I sent to Tim A, but I'm sure some of you also may have some input.


Hi have found two R9's with incredible tops.... One is a 59 reissue cherry burst gloss top...





The other is a 59 VOS cherry burst not so glossy, its not aged but but no glossy either. Sort of has a broken in look.





Do you think these guitar are of equal value? I really had my heart set on a 57 Black Beauty but I can only find a regular 2008 Custom Shop that doesn't have the 57 pickups or aged bindings... If I can't find my Black Beauty today I will get one of the R9's provided I still have the time to get it shipped to me so I can hand carry it with me on my return to Spain....

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the gloss will be worth more

but which is ncier to play




the NOS les paul i bought, which came with all the org candy, in mint condition, could net me alot of money in a few years


but then i would be as bad as the evil collectors

and the only way id not keep this guitar is if i could get a real 59

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It's a sad day when you have to ask someone else which guitar THEY like most! I'm sure Tim is a nice fellow, but come on, Because he has more guitars than you, you think he will know if one model will be more collectable than another? Wow.

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Dave, I didn't receive a PM from you. Not recently, anyways.

What do you mean by value, exactly? Do you mean which will be worth more in the future, or which one will cost more now?

As new guitar, the first one will cost $300 more because its gone through the final buffing stage.

Their future values will be the same, maybe $100 difference. The only difference between those two guitars is the finish, that's it.

I also prefer the second guitar. The colour on the first one is nice, but like deepblue said, the grain on the second is nicer.

If I were buying one based on looks alone, I'd go for the second one.


If you're looking for a reissue Custom, they don't have 57s, I believe. They have BurstBuckers 1 & 2, just like those R9s do.

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cuda' date=' that's a fake?

If it is, it's probably the best looking fake headstock I've seen.[/quote'] Yea, it is. They are into nice tops now and some have flamed maple backs200859customshop.jpg200858customshop.jpg0858customshop.jpg and they are listed as Custom Shop's R8'S and R9'S with 5A TOP'S AND BACK'S and some soild or chambered

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So did you buy one of those Cuda?

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it's an internet pic.

The first picture he posted has that little camera in the bottom right corner.

If it is, there's no guarantee that the guitar that arrives on your doorstep will look anything that the one in the pic.

The one in the picture may be a real Gibson that they use for selling purposes.

Even the case is black/velvet, which is the correct case for a Custom Shop Les Paul, except for a R9.


On a side note...and sorry Dave for taking this thread in a different direction...isn't it ironic how when cuda first came along he reamed out a guy (papa, or something like that) for posting a picture of a fake Gibson Les Paul and now he promotes these fake Chinese copies?

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