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FS/T: Gibson Collectors Gear Bag


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A few years back Gibson had a promotion for gear bags if you bought a Gibson new, which I did. Got the bag, used it about 6 months.




It has 'GIBSON' embroidered in silver, and 'Acoustic' embroidered in light blue on the front. It has 2 carry handles and a shoulder strap. It's made of ripstop nylon and has 2 big pockets with smaller pockets inside. I've graduated to a much larger bag (this one is 15" x 12" x 3"), so I dont need it.


There are a few rips inside, nothing to worry about, nothing structural, just normal wear.


I have no idea what it's worth (probably worth more to a Gibby collector though - only 1000 were made).

I'm interested in selling or trading for stuff I could use.


I know the rules, so I'll put a selling price of $100 -




All the best to my forum friends!

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