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1981 Gibson SG Standard

kentucky blaise

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I've got a 1981 Gibson SG Standard. Every time I go to research it, I have hard time finding a lot of information on it. It's not so rare that I never come across this model, but I never see them for sale. All of them that have seen have been on stage, meaning people with this guitar are putting it to use.


I however, am not. I'm thinking about selling it. Never finding a model for sale has made it difficult to appraise. I bought it used on Ebay in 2001 and it's in the same condition it was when I got it. I've hardly played it. It is a well used guitar, but everything on it appears to be original. It's built like a tank and structurally is in excellent condition. It does have few dings on the body. Some are small, some are pretty good sized. Even with them I still think it's in excellent shape considering it's age. It looks great when it's all cleaned up. One of my favorite things about it is that it doesn't have the trapezoid inlays like the more recent models. My Gibson SG Standard has rectangular inlays. That along with the natural finish just makes it a little more unique than the stereotypical black, red, and white SGs that I see everywhere. I'll have to bust it out, but I don't think it has hardly any fret wear. It does have a Gibson case, but it's not like the ones I usually see. I believe it's the original case, but I don't know for a fact.


Anyways, long story short, I'm wondering how much I should ask for this. I'm putting the money into a bluegrass guitar since that's seems to be the only style of music I play anymore. Unfortunately, Martins (and the other manufacturers) don't run cheap either. I need to get top dollar for this sucker so I can get something that won't get me laughed at in the bluegrass circles.


It looks a lot like the one in this link and I believe the case is the same.




Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Okay' date=' next question:


Where should I go if nobody here can answer my question?[/quote']


Email Gibson customer service.I have emailed them numerous times with questions and they have always been very good about returning my emails and answering my questions.You'll find their customer service email address on their website

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I looked up the serial number on another site and it's dating it to 1962.

This has got to be incorrect.

Anybody know a more reliable place to look up a serial number?


Gibson Customer Service is the authority.

All these "dating services" are woefully inadequate, terribly inaccurate in my experience.

If your guitar doesn't fall neatly into a category, you're out of luck. With Gibson's serial nuttiness, this is often the case.


Call Gibson at 800-444-2766

Open 24/7.

Even their records are incomplete, with lotsa data lost over the years, but it's as good as it gets.

They will not venture a guess on value in resale, but can give you an idea if it's rare or collectible.


If you feel it might be worth the money to nail its pedigree down with a little more certainty, call Gruhn's.


Walter Carter is the guy, he worked at Gibson for a million years and is able to tell it like it is.

$50 will get you a written appraisal if you send them detailed digital pics. I've done it.


Or, you could sell it for $150 at a garage sale.

The new owner would be on here in a heartbeat to get all the details!

Just kidding.


Good luck with it.

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