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New Demo - 100% Les Paul(s)


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For those of you that might be interested in home studio recordings etc, you can listen to our new demo track...:


----> H E R E ! <----


It's the LP Std in my avatar, through my "still delivering after 13yrs" Marshall ValveState Combo, into Sonar 5.


Excuse my singing......!


I reckon I've made the guitars sound pretty fat with a good stereo spread etc....


Any thoughts...?

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great example of classic Les Paul tone and proof that it can be done with a valvestate style amp. Cool pop style. Great Job!


Thanks Pat


Yeah, I'm happy with the tone of the guitar, it's my first "serious" recording made with my new Standard and I wasn't sure about the BB's when I got it a few months back.


I'm a big fan of the "LP + Marshall" formula.

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Thick indeed. Catchy tune too. Thanks for posting it.


Thanks 'pup.


My co-writer/bassist came up with the overall chord progression and melody - I arranged it into the song and wrote the lyrics, then handled the mixing etc...


.....it's been a pretty good partnership so far.

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Yep.. gotta agree... great tone there sir!



How lond did it take you to cut that... from recording to the mix down?


We're reasonably seasoned studio types so the guitars were mostly one take. The drums are loops from Drums on Demand. Bass was nearly a single take also. The vocals are stitched together from about 3 takes of each phrase. It's hard to put a time on it because this was built upon about 4 earlier versions that gradually evolved into this.


Working alone, once the backing is nearly there, I could mix this in a week of latenight sessions.

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