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i.d. your Epiphone here -- serial # key, guitardater link + factory codes... a worldwide guide >part 3

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hello...this is my first post here on the forum...like many others, my question is in regards to the dating of my Epiphone Firebird re-issue. it is a bolt on neck. the serial number is on a "sticker" on the neck plate. not sure what is underneath on the actual plate as i wanted to see if this number is legit...anyhow, the number is 311571543...thanks for any help that can be offered.

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Hi to all Epiphone detectives. I hope you can help me.   I bought the Epiphone Casino pictured a few years ago. The seller said that he bought it in 1994 in Japan. I still have the receipt from Yama

Reality is you really don't know what came from Japan if your only resources are online. As you stated many colors and configurations have come from Japan including bolt on neck LP copies. I have seen

This is an attempt to get "control" about the first post,   as suggested by Steven Lister and in agreement with Duane

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It is a 'factory refurbished' or 'second' or 'used'


You can't tell a date out of this serial#


they all start with 311.......

thanks Pete. i have another question...would it be of any value to peel off the sticker to see what is under it...? thanks again

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hey hello everybody im new here by the way im not sure of how they manage their production because i buy yesterday at my local guitars shop a epiphone les paul jr 57'reissue but i read everywhere that there discontinued since 2007(in korina veener colour by the way!!!)

but how i can buy a guitar made in april 2010? they are crazy i think or just confused!!!!



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Serial number 2nd stamped in headstock from factory, It says Epiphone on front of the headstock and Special Model and has a Gibson plate on headstock also. I have had it a few years, but now I need to identify it, as I may have to sell it soon, heart attack and no disability or insurance etc. contact: E mail me if interested or please post if you have any info. regarding this guitar (as to identification, year etc.)

The metal plate with serial on the back where the neck bolts on has this number:C197116398 post-34506-054606200 1311115796_thumb.jpgpost-34506-072631700 1311115753_thumb.jpgpost-34506-062959300 1311115775_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for responding.

Do you know why back and the bridge are engraved with Gibson USA?

I Know It was built in Indonesia.

Is this normal or is a false plate?


Those parts you mentioned are not standard. An Epiphone made in Indonesia wouldn't be a Gibson USA, right??? A lot of recent Epis are indeed made by Cort in Indonesia.

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OK guys, you like a challenge?

An all red Epi LP with a truss rod cover that says "Gibson" and the serial # on the back of the headstock is "U7011207".

It's got me stuffed. Anyone have any ideas?

Also, it's got me thinking I'd like to just check the numbers on the rest of my Epi LP's, is there anywhere I can go to do this check?

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Hi to all Epiphone detectives. I hope you can help me.


I bought the Epiphone Casino pictured a few years ago. The seller said that he bought it in 1994 in Japan. I still have the receipt from Yamano Music that came with the guitar.

The serial number is 45042. So far by looking a various sites some would suggest this guitar was made in Japan, as it has no letters in front of the serial number, and could possibly be from 1970-83.

I have included a picture of the original soft leather carry case it came with to help.

I'm currently insuring all my gear so a value would be great if someone had an idea.

Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read this post and any info is really appreciated.





post-35645-025652900 1317044574_thumb.jpg

post-35645-052026300 1317044589_thumb.jpg

post-35645-068989100 1317044609_thumb.jpg

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Hey everyone.


My Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul Special serial is O6091175.


The serial input thing says it's 2006, but I bought it in 2002 so... Does that mean it's a 09/1996?



Also, would it be worth upgrading? The guitar is in amazing shape, but the electronics sound like craaaap.


Thanks :)

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Not sure if this is significant, but the new Nighthawk I bought 2 weeks ago has a label in the bridge pup route which mentions Gibson Japan and the serial No., and a few other bits of info on the guitar model etc.


Some pix in my 1st posting here - http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/74683-ngd-nighthawk/


What does this mean?. i.e. if it was supposed to be made in Indonesia, why would they mention Gibson Japan on the guitar (sticker)?


Me confused a bit!!!



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It seems to be a S-600


Samick made 05-88




However, now that I have a series to review (thanks!) in reviewing it further, it is a S900, not S600. It is a Neck-through Design, not bolt on neck. It has only 1ea Volume, Tone as pictured (not as described). It has the Mini-toggle Killswitch for Each Pickup and no 5-way selector switch. with a Steinberger KB.


But thanks for getting me in the right direction!

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