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P-90 Club!!!!

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Man you've got great taste in guitars! [thumbup] That robot is just amazing.

Thanks, it's a great guitar. Planning to pull it out of hibernation later today and give it some love. The ebony fret board has a great feel to it, and it does sound great (P90's are awesome [thumbup])

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Thanks... [smile]



actually you're right... historical correct would be Goldtop.

This was a special run in 2007 named "Popular Demand Series"

see attached pics...



PIT... [thumbup]


Yeah, I figured as much! It's a Great looking '56...even if not

(really) "Historically Correct." Who cares..as long as you love it!




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do the P100s sound drastically different from the P90s ? [confused]


Not "drastically," no. They don't have quite the mid-range "quack"

or "roundness," that a P-90 has. It's almost a cross, in tone, between

a P-90, and a mini-humbucker. Some don't care for P-100's, because of

those differences. But, I really like them, FOR the difference. I have

several P-90 guitars, so P-100's are a nice addition, to the tone spectrum,

for me.



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