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New Les Paul


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Keep it off and show the beauty.


a sweet combo!

Agreed 100%.


The deciding factor for me?

It does not appear the body has been drilled, eh?


Don't bother if the mounting holes are not already there.

A Les Paul is one of the few guitars that don't NEED one.

I rarely contact the body on any of mine while playing.


In my opinion, few LP's look better with a pickguard. We're just used to seeing them that way.

I left it on my Goldtop, no real difference there, but if ya gots wood, let the world see it!

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Gorgeous!! My favorite finish. Hows that little SS Orange amp doing for you? I'm going to be looking at a bunch of different little SS practice amps for the finished basement. So far I'm really gunning for the Micro Cube, but wanted to double check some others.

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