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Who makes a post insulting someone else furtniture?

Who does that? A d!ck does that! [biggrin]



Thanks dem00n, I did not feel this was the right place to explain to some KID,(Nor do I need to explain to anyone, why I do what I do) why things are what they are. And it is not something I would put out in the public domain. It's not a story I will go into here. It's better to ignore a POS like him. Because someone with no class will never have any,no matter how much they try to get some.

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Ya, what's wrong with the Wicker, it's actually in style right now and my Mother in Law loves it. Our new Patio set is wicker too and we love it.


Tubes!! For my guitar amps and some of my Stereo equipment



I see you are getting ready for nuclear fallout eh? [lol]


Love your collection, you better keep buying!

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This really is a great thread. It's something we ought to do every couple of months. It encourages me to dig out my camera and work on taking some better pix. And, by the way, I like wicker furniture.


+1; +1; +1 and +1!


On that last subject it's reached the point where I have to drag my wife away from the wicker displays in shops...

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Zheesh, this makes me think about the ones that got away over the past 45 years: the '60s 330TD bought new in 1963; the Maestro amp; the Melody Maker; the Firebird; etcetera, etcetera., all from the 60s. It's great to look at entire collections (though I might get nauseous in Keef's warehouse). I had a late 60s Recording model. Sold it for $300 in 1974. With that I bought a '74 Telecaster with HSC. Man, that one is gone too! [sad]

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I'll play along..............




Good choice on the heritage. I live not far from their Kalamazoo plant, and their guitars are really quite something! I've got a faded Gibby LP studio, but my dream guitar right now is a Heritage H-150... They're absolutely beautiful. I've played one side to side with a Gibson Trad. Pro, and I'm gonna say the Heritage beat it out! IMO of course [thumbup]

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I guess I missed this thread last year. Now it's back. Quite a rack you've got Pit_s_xroad. Lots of great lookin' guitars.













wow this is an amazing acoustic family... love especially the 12 string Guild... that's something on my wanna-have-list still...





PIT... [thumbup]

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