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Amplifier suggestions please?

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peavy vypyr... i have the 15 watt heres a musicians friend link:



its a great little modeling amp and i can get clean t funk TO AC/DC style distortionmsp_flapper.gifmsp_thumbup.gifmsp_biggrin.gifmsp_drool.gifmsp_blink.gifmsp_smile.gifeusa_boohoo.gif




Give Blackstar Amps a try. I have an HT40 Club. Good versatile amp which is capable of some good tones. Les Paul sounds sweet throught it. Check them out.



The Bugera's are great amps, the only thing I don't like about them is they are made with partical board and not plywood, besides that they are fine. The new BC-30 is a beast. If you are looking for something smaller checkout the VHT Special 6 combo.


Thanks for the replies guys. Blackstars are pricey but yes, i have to agree on the quality of the tones they produce. The HT1 just got released here in the UK! Will be giving it a shot once they stock them up at a local store here.


I did give the VHT special 6 a shot. it was a head and a 1x12" cab though. it did well though the gain from the ht5 is way better for distortion. The clean for both was at par though.


peavy vypyr is an insane modelling amp! Not really after digital effects though.


Cheers guys.

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marshall class 5. quite tasty and easy on the bank account.

Just talked to my GC guy about those today (was hoping to find them on sale, but no dice- I'll wait for a 20% off coupon).


There are two versions of the Class 5 (or should I say they've "fixed" it). He says the earliest ones didn't have enough of an opening in the back (probably why one demo video I saw on You Tube insists you must turn the bass all the way down or it will be muddy).


Anyway, the most recent version, said to be an improvement has a larger opening in the back that is covered with a metal grill. According to him, that's the one to buy (wouldn't mind trying both...).

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Another factor to consider is "at what volume you want to play?" I have some experience with some of the amps mentioned and many of them are quite loud (e.g., Marshall Class 5).

I should mention that Blackstar 5HT is versatile but very bright sounding. I turn down "treble" way down when I use that amp.

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My recommendation would be an old Peavey Prowler. They don't make em' anymore, but they were made in the US in the early 90's. You can get them real cheap on eBAY or Craigslist. Mines my only tube amp and my first tube amp. It's a 1993. But mine has mods. That being an Emminence Tonespotter instead of the original Blue Marvel, and Electro Harmonix tubes. Its a 45-watt, single 12 combo with dual channels. A great buy.

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I tried the Blackstar HT-5 combo with an Epi LP Standard and it was SO loud! I was amazed! the clean channel is pretty good, the dirty channel has some nice gain! I only spent like 10mins with it so I couldn't really find the best settings on the dirty channel, but I am really impressed with its power!

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The Epiphone Blues Custom 30 is a great amp. It features two 12" Lady Luck by Eminence speakers. It has dual modes of EQ which give you an extremely wide variety of tonal options.

Thanks for pointing that one out, I was unaware of it. Did a bit of searching on the web (demo's etc.), it looks like a really cool amp.


I think a lot of us tend to buy way more amp than we need, and that leaves us needing to resort to pedals to get the sweet tones one can get from a tube amp. Something for all to consider, how loud can you "get away with" frequently. I've talked to a lot of local gigging acts that even have difficulty with small amps. And a lot of venues, even local, are now micing the amps. In those cases, as well as the confines of a home or apt., less power is desirable. The 15 watt option that the Epiphone provides is a good start. Still too loud in a lot of cases I'm sure, but a cool way to get tone at "medium" volumes.


For around the house, I often use the Champion 600 at 5 watts. And sometimes (when others are home that I don't want to disturb), even that is too much. Planning to get one of those Vox AC4 TV's with the 10 inch in the near future. Hopefully, switched to 1/4 watt (!), that should be low enough (and sound good enough!) that it'll make everyone happy [thumbup] .

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Hey guys,


Do u think it is possible to get a valve head and plug it into a solid state amp? solid state amps come with good speakers and are way cheaper than cabinets. Is this possible? anyone tried it before? Cheers.

It might need a bit of wiring to tap into the speaker a by-pass the amp, so maybe talk to an amp tech. By the way...Laney amps are great and made in UK a 15w valve combo for about £300 great for blues etc with nice overdrive.

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Thanks R9, i'll take some time workin my way thru these ones. any idea if bugera or blackheart are any good? they seem to be coming up on many of my searches. cheers.



Black heart is good if you wana play rock/hard rock with a vintage tone.

Bugera is a bit below concerning the overall quality of the product but more versatile.

It depends on what you need.

Black heart : vintage rock sound without look or reverb

Bugera: more settings/reverb/loop/more modern

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