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lower end model neck paint questions

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wondering if anyone knows how thick the paint is coated on an epi lp junior neck?

i really want to continue my relicing by taking the finish and paint off to mimic years of heavy playing.


check this link for example = http://www.guitarcenter.com/In-Store-Vintage-VINT-1953-GIBSON-LES-PAUL-CST-BLK-103848255-i1565702.gc


does anyone know specifics about the neck paint? I KNOW that i can find out by just doing it, but i'd like to hear from someone else that's done it so i know what i'm in for.

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The odds of you finding this out by stumbling across a "spec" sheet

on the internet are pretty slim, so I'll share what I found out during

2 different projects that involved bolt-on necks - completely sanding off

all paint, then refinishing the necks.


One was a 70s vintage Hondo II, the other an Epi LP Special II. Both had same

basic results, so I'll just concentrate on the Epi for discussions sake.


When I disassembled the EPI, the neck fit into the pocket with practically

no side-to-side movement or wobble. After completely removing paint, I put the neck

back into the neck pocket and started the screws to align the neck, and saw a

noticable gap on each side and at rear. Measuring this, I discovered the gap was

a small bit over 1mm.


After staining the neck and coating with 8 thick coats of Tung Oil, I dropped neck

back into neck pocket - still a very, very SMALL gap - probably could have gone for

9 coats and had a perfect fit, but I was ready to reassemble at this point. I dropped in

a couple of wafer-thin side shims "just in case" to ensure solid contact with sides.

Probably didn't even need them. I was HAPPY with finish and ready to roll with the project.


So there you are - I say thickness is a bit over 1mm, but this can vary depending on

how much paint and clear the factory throws on.


NECK from beginning to end...





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