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epiphone valve senior head or combo

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played a gibby les paul junior Billie Joe Armstrong model through a valve senior head plugged into a bugera 2x12 cab yesterday. it sounded wonderful. my question tho, if i don't find the valve senior COMBO that i want, is about cab possibilities.

are the 4x10 guitar cabs out there? if not (or if not in my price range) would a 4x10 bass cab work? i love the sound of a 4x10 combo like the fender bassman, but don't have the money. would this head-cab combo simulate that sound, or am i just not knowledgeable about any of this stuff?


i'm waiting to make a purchase until i know for sure that i want the product, so as of now, just because the head/cab i played sounded great, i'm not ready to buy cause i haven't found my perfect one

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