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Hello, I am new to this forum and wanted to ask a question with regards to re-stringing my 1990s Epiphone Rivoli bass. It is a short scale bass and wondered if anyone could recommend some short scale strings that they have found to be good quality and great sounding. I play rock/ blues music and want the strings to be round wound. I believe the scale length to be 30.5 on the Rivoli.


Thanks and look forward to your replies,



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I have been happy with flats on my EB-2, but if you are going to use rounds on a semi-hollow, then DG Black Beauties are pretty good. I use them on my Thunderbird and they sound great. They are coated, so they should last longer, although strings last a decent time on a bass anyway. The coating makes them feel "soft" to my fingers, which means I can play faster and more accurately while being more comfortable.


There are plenty of other choices, but those are what I use and would use on the EB if I put rounds on it.

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