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Gibson 335 Dot Reissue - Pickups


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The '57 Classic Humbuckers are the pickups (current production) which most closely resemble the "original" pickups on the "older" 1958-xxxx ES-335s. They are the "warm/mellow" yet "powerful" pickups admired by jazzers, bluesmen and many other players who use hollow and semi-hollow body guitars.


Enjoy your guitar.

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The primary reason to consider a Tone Pros bridge is if you need more intonation range and can't get it by flipping the saddles around (for instance if the notches are so far off center that you can't reverse the saddle). Tone Pros makes an ABR-1 style bridge (AVR I believe they call it) that will look like an OEM bridge but has a bit more travel in the saddles. Granted, there's that whole locking thing with the set screws but I rarely take all the strings off at once so it's not a problem. Of course if you can hear a tone difference with the locked-on bridge, that's nice too. Not nocking it at all - I have a Tone Pros bridge on my Epiphone Dot but I'm pretty sure I can live with the Gibson ABR-1 bridge on my ES-339.


Check to see if your reissue already has a lightweight aluminum tailpiece.


Theoretically you could try to compare the same guitar with '57 Classics and Burstbucker 1, 2's (maybe a Les Paul Classic and a Historic Reissue?) to get a feel for the difference, but I'm not aware of any ES models that come with Burstbuckers other than custom shop special order. I'd like to know myself how they compare.

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I have a 2002 Dot reissue, and I cannot imagine a reason to remove the 57 Classics.

Anything with higher output would be wasted, because of feedback and "body honk" and lower output might steal some of the grittiness higher volumes yield.


I have not shopped and swapped, so I'm far from an expert, but this is one heavenly combo.

I've made many hollow body converts out of rock n roll guys who thought a 335 was too wimpy, made for old guys.


Mine has the HEAVY tailpiece, be careful not to drop it on the guitar when restringing!

Of all the guitars I own, this is one of the few that never got a modification of any sort - needs nothing.


Okay, Schaller strap locks for safety, but it NEEDS nothing.

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