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P-94s as compared to P-90s


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So, on the Gibson website they claim that the P-94 is the same sound as a P-90 but in a humbucker shape. Since I live in Jamaica I have no way to verify this claim myself, but when I read some reviews, they said that it does not accurately replicate the classic P-90 sound.


So, I just want to ask you guys if it really is a good stand in for the P90, or if you could suggest any other good humbucker-sized P90 pickups, or if I should just forget about the humbucker shaped P90s and just try and put in the regular P90.


Thanks in advance.

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if you put the p90 in a regular humbucker guitar you have to modified the cavity, well i guess its a big no! you should try the seymour duncan phat cat, its awesome! it is also p90 in humbucker size but it works really fine, of course it is cheaper than the p94.



and some slight sound sample from youtube:


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