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Most boreing places in the world?


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Sorry guys but if you lived in Baton Rouge in the early 80's you'd name it, hands down. One mall. The LSU campus was surrounded by poverty housing. I got my bike stolen, and the next day I saw a kid with it who had "modified" it and was riding it like it was December 25th. My dad owned apartment buildings there, so we had no choice but to live there for a year or so, until we moved to a nice neighborhood. But there was nothing else in Baton Rouge. The suburban (duh!)rural area was real nice, but that was it.... [unsure]

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Jury Duty

Grand Cayman Island. It's small, isolated, and although the people are very nice, there is almost nothing to do there but drink, fish and skin dive. I don't dive anymore since I found out the pressure is bad for your ears, I don't have the patience for fishing, and if I drink too much, I find a corner to go to sleep in (I'm a sleepy drunk).


Sightseeing the island takes exactly 2 days (if you are slow) and there is nothing left to see. The beach is nice, but I've lived on nice tropical beaches for most of my life so that doesn't thrill me. You can get "rock fever" there in a hurry.


Another candidate. Oklahoma, although I can't verify that first hand. ;) When I was working on the cruise ship, one week the entire cruise ship was booked by people from Texas and Oklahoma who sold over a million dollars worth of insurance. They guys from Oklahoma told me that whenever you see a guy from Oklahoma out of the state he is on vacation -- because nobody goes to Oklahoma to take a vacation.


Yeehaw Junction, Florida. Yes there is a Yeehaw Junction and there are a couple of gas stations with convenience stores, an old, historic hotel (formerly a brothel), and a couple of stands that sell discount tickets to Disney World. -- come to think of it, Yeehaw Junction has to be even more boring than either Grand Cayman Island or Oklahoma ;)


From Wiki: Yeehaw Junction Wiki Article


Yeehaw Junction ... is located at the intersection of US 441/SR 15, SR 60 and Florida's Turnpike (SR 91), approximately 30 miles (50 km) west of Vero Beach and 30 miles north of Lake Okeechobee, Florida. The nearest incorporated area is the ghost town of Kenansville some fifteen miles north on U.S. 441 at the junction of Canoe Creek Road (Osceola County Road 523) The location was named after the Yeehaw station on the Florida East Coast Railway, several miles to the east on SR 60.


Also from Wiki:


The word "Yeehaw" is Seminole in origin and means "wolf" referring to wolves that inhabited the area. According to town historians and several original newspaper articles that are displayed at the Desert Inn and Restaurant National Historical site, the town was originally named "Jackass Junction". This name was given to the four corner site back in the early 1930s, when local ranchers rode on burros to visit the Desert Inn (then the local brothel). As the 1950s approached, the Florida legislature felt that a name change was due-the construction of Florida's Turnpike through the center of the community in 1957 demanded such a change- and "Yeehaw Junction" was selected


The ladies of the night are gone, so there is nothing left to do in Yeehaw but to buy discount tickets to "Mickey Mouse Town" attractions, fill the gas tank, and get back on the road. -- boring z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z


Insights and incites by Notes ♫

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That's easy; Tonoph, NV. 230 miles to Vegas, 239 to Reno and nothing in between. Quite literally the middle of no where. The town is an abandoned silver mining town, they only exist because they have a gas station, a Burger King and a McDonalds. I spent 6 miserable weeks near there (and the place I was at considered Tonopah upscale).

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I can remember one time driving through Eastern Montana on the way back to the University of Idaho from Ohio. It was about 110 degrees, there was construction so the air smelled of tar, and the song "Lucky Man" (I could get Billings on the radio, so I knew I was getting close to Purgatory) was playing on the radio. I had to laugh out loud...

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