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Is this a J-45, J-50 or an LG-1 ? What do you think


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Gibson 1968 #896879.


Gibson was contracted to design a guitar especially for Sherman Clay for their 100 anniversary. It is in excellent condition. The top is of natural solid spruce, solid mahogany neck and sides and the bottom is mahogany double veneer with a Brazilian rosewood finger board and bridge. The label reads "Gibson Guitar Co. made expressly for Sherman Clay since 1869 Centennial model. I can not find ant information on this model. The body measures 19" long, 4 1/4" deep and 14 1/4" wide at the hip, which is wider then upper body. Sounds wonderful. Very simple and natural like the J-50.


What is the difference between a LG-1 and a J-50

go to:




and click on pics.

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I had already found these pictures. Great! The other one looked more like some J200 derivate!

I'm sure Gibson's archives have all the info about Sherman Clay (and perhaps others) but they may be a little reluctant to talk about it too much, since your J45-like model apparently reached its 40th birthday in a better shape than many "real" J45s.

Selling a luxury item like a vintage guitar doesn't seem a good idea. For instance, I own (among others) a Gibson Mark 81 from the mid 70's. A similar model was sold recently on E-Bay for some 900 pounds, nowadays close to $ 1800. But a Mark 81 is a very luxurious instrument, certainly compared to any J45. An high body (about 1 inch extra, they won't go into any standard case), the finest Brazil rosewood for sides and back, red and black bindings on body, neck and headstock, greenish-white abalone inlay. Just polishing the thing makes you smile when you put it back on the wall. There a lots of great pictures of Mark 81s on the net, so take a look, but let me tell you: they feel great, big and heavier than they really are, look peculiar, but they are very unforgiving. A sloppy chord caused all kinds of nasty sounds, so you learn to put your fingertip exactly where they are supposed to be. I ow various Gibsons and Fenders, 12 string Rickenbacker and Bozo, a Lado and a Bond guitar, but none of them produce screetchy sounds when you play a little sloppy. But if you behave it gives you a beautiful crispy sound, very un-Gibson (I consider my Dove as a typical Gibson guitar).

I used to have a Canadian Lys, type 10 I think, made entirely of mahogany, so the top included. It was a very lightweight guitar with kind of a light sound, but with some extra low. No guitar for public appearances, but nice for fingerpicking music. I guess your J45 produces a similar sound.

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