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Trust: my dogs, they've never lied to me (about anything important)

Trust: my wife, I've known her so long that it's easy to tell when she's lying to me, so she doesn't bother anymore.


Distrust: every other life form in the known universe, including myself.

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As mentioned in the other thread, I trust Results.


I could care less "Who" says it, if it makes sense and works I'll go with whatever "It" is. If someone says "All You need is a Marshall Tube amp and a Les Paul", but I find that to be a One Volume "Loud Fest", then I'm not going to fallow that advice regardless of who gave it. In the end, It's me using the advice, and I'm the only one who can know if it's working in my situation.

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You got it wrong, man, it's "all you need is an SG and a Marshall tube amp" [laugh][biggrin]


Man, I've had it wrong all these years with my LP's. Can you send my your SG? I NEED it!! [-o<

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Well here it is:

Not in any particular order.

Just 'cause you guys have been around a while, at least since I've been here.








James Allen








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I don't trust:


1) Cable news channels that tell me the news, AND how I should feel about it.

2) Offers that state "absolutely no obligation."

3) Music industry executives who tell you all the artists they USED to work with

4) The local weather forecast

5) Anything a person says, right after they say, "Honestly..."

6) These beautiful Russian women that somehow get my email address and just want to be pen pals, but don't want me to wire money anywhere.

7) Guitars without strap locks

8) A secret told to anyone who has a 'Facebook'

9) Car salesmen, and/or any man who wears too much jewelry

10) That little voice inside my head that says, "Go ahead...No one will ever know...."

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