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Let's see some MOJO!


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I want to see some pics of natural mojo not factory aging but the real deal and a little story to go along with it.


I'll start off.


I picked this girl up last year from a shop in Greensboro NC. She was bought new by a gospel/ blues palyer named Mac. He palyed her for 7 years every Sunday and then some. I was told he tended to rest his pinkie at the top of the f-hole and thus the excess wear. The binding has finish bled into it on the top where the arm rests also but the pics weren't too clear. The neck has worn to a nice and fast satin and there are a number of small dings around the body. On the fret board you can see where Mac liked to bend and trill alot due to shallow pits. He sold her back to the same place he bought her and I was lucky enough to come across it when I had some cash to spare. Love this guitar.


'01 Gibson Little Lucille



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I like to think of it as being normal wear and tear.


Bought new around 1992. The binding looks really white in the pictures like it did when it was new but is yellowed quite a bit except for along the upper edge where I rest my arm. The gold plating is pretty worn on the tuners as well as on the tops of the screws that anchor the tailpiece. Much swirling on the pickguard, a little buckle rash on the back (probably caused by Levi's rivets as I don't wear belts when I play), and a few pock marks here and there (I play it aggressively, but I don't abuse it).

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